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Cicadas and Leaf Hoppers (Homoptera)

Cicadas and Leaf Hoppers are insects with long needle shaped mouthparts. If present there are two pairs of membranous wings, usually folded over the body in the shape of a roof. The antennae are very short. Because of the mouth parts they share an order with the bugs and the plant lice. Not only are most cicadas good flyers, many are excellent jumpers as well. There is a lot going on about dividing cicadas in genera and families. And it still seems to be changing constantly. That is why we have decided to keep out of this controverse and not mention any family name. Some cicadas are difficult to identify from pictures. Especially many of the small species are extremely similar. Good guides, books and internet sites on identification are scarce. The only secure way to tell certain species apart is by examining the genitals. In order to be able to do so, one has to kill the animal and that is something we don't do.

photograph Graphocephala fennahi adult
Rhododendron Leafhopper Graphocephala fennahi, adult

The Rhododendron Leafhopper is an unmistakable species imported from Northern America. more...

photograph Graphocephala fennahi larva
Rhododendron Leafhopper Graphocephala fennahi, larve

The nymph of the Rhododendron Leafhopper is as colourless as the adult is colourful. more...

photograph Philaenus spumarius
Meadow Froghopper Philaenus spumarius

The Meadow Froghopper may jump 70 centimeters high! more...

photograph Aphrophora alni, adult
Alder Spittlebug Aphrophora alni, larva

You see a blob as if somebody just spitted in a plant? It's probably the larva of one of the many Spittle Bugs. In Alder probably the Alder Spittlebug. more...

Photograph Aphrophora alni, larva
Alder Spittlebug Aphrophora alni, adult

Once adult, the Alder Spittlebug doesn't live in a bubble anymore and is rarely ever seen. more...

Photograph of Cercopis vulnerata
Black and Red Froghopper Cercopis vulnerata

The Black and Red Froghopper is just one of the many black and red leafhoppers.. More....

Photograph of Haematoloma dorsata
Pine Bug Haematoloma dorsata

The Pine Bug is another example of a red and black leafhopper. Scientifically also known as Haematoloma dorsatum. More....

foto Ledra aurita
Ledra aurita

The larva of Ledra aurita is very hard to spot on a tree trunk. more...

Photograph Cicadella viridis
Green Cicada Cicadella viridis

The Green Cicada is a striking species, but not as unique as we believed it to be. more...

Photograph empoasca_sp
Empoasca species

Some Empoasca species look like the Green Cicada, but being some 2mm long, they are much smaller. more...

Photograph Macrosteles variatus
Macrosteles variatus

Macrosteles variatus is a beautiful greenish blue cicada with yellowish patches. more...

Photograph Aphrodes bicinctus
Aphrodes bicinctus

Aphrodes bicinctus has a very pointed snout. more...

photograph of Tachycixius pilosus var. albicinctus
Tachycixius pilosus Tachycixius pilosus var. albicinctus

This variety of the common Tachycixius pilosus is called albicinctus. It has a dark area in the wings, where usually the wings are light with small dark speckles. more...

photograph of Acericerus heydenii
Acericerus heydenii

Acericerus heydenii is just one of the Maple Cicadas. It is also known as Idiocerus heydenii.more...

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