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Leaf Beetles (Chrysomelidae)

The Leaf Beetles make up a very large beetle family. World wide over 3,500 species are known. In Holland there are over 300 species present. Probably about the same number will be found in Britain. Most leaf beetles are quite small, some are medium sized beetles. Many species do have striking colours once adult. Most larvae are active and many look like a small caterpillar. Both larvae and adults feed on plants. The leaves are usually eaten, hence the name of the family. Some species are dreaded in agriculture, such as the Colorado Potato Beetle. Others are feared by gardeners, such as the Lilly Beetle. The so-called Flea Beetles actually are Leaf Beetles too. They are very tiny (2 to 4 mm) and often jump about like fleas. Appearing in great numbers some species are harmful to flowers and crops as well. Leaf Beetles can be found in every garden, no matter how small. The big species are often seen easily, but the many small species normally go about unnoticed.

photograph Asparagus Beetle
Asparagus Beetle Crioceris asparagi

The Asparagus Beetle is a beautiful, but very harmful species. more...

photograph Lily Beetle
Lily Beetle Lilioceris lilii

The Lily Beetle is an unmistakable species, because of its scarlet colour. more...

photograph Colorado potato beetle
Colorado Potato Beetle Leptinotarsa decimlineata

The Colorado Potato Beetle is still angry at us, for we are eating its potatoes. more...

photograph Alder Leaf Beetle
Alder Leaf Beetle Agelastica alni

The Alder Leaf Beetle regularly visits gardens just to have a look. more...

photograph Cereal Leaf Beetle
Cereal Leaf Beetle Oulema melanopus / Oulema duftschmidi

The Cereal Leaf Beetle used to be a devastating species in all kinds of cereal, including rice. more...

photograph Haltica oleracea
Altica oleracea

In our garden Altica oleracea infests our Evening Primroses. more...

photograph Green Dock Beetle
Green Dock Beetle Gastrophysa viridula

One of the many green Leaf Beetles: the Green Dock Beetle. more...

photograph Galerucella species
Galerucella species

There are at least three very similar species within the genus Galerucella. more...

photograph Six-spotted Pot Beetle
Six-spotted Pot Beetle Cryptocephalus sexpunctatus

It is almost certain this is the Six-spotted Pot Beetle, but there are a few similar species within the genus. more...

photograph Bordered Tortoise Beetle
Bordered Tortoise Beetle Cassida vittata

The Bordered Tortoise Beetle is a truely remarkable creature. more...

photograph cassida species
Tortoise Beetle Cassida species

This green tortoise beetle is difficult to identify, for there are two very similar species.more...

photograph Longitarsus species
Longitarsus species

This Longitarsus species is only one of the many Flea Beetles: Leaf Beetles behaving just like fleas by jumping high into the air when threatened. more...

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