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Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae)

Longhorn Beetles usually have long antennae and many species are quite colourful. There are many members in this family: some 15,000 species all over the world. In Western Europa alone some 100 species have been spotted. Longhorn Beetles usually do have very long horns, even though there are exceptions, of course. Many are also nicely coloured and they all give a slender impression. A few Longhorn species are very dangerous. Their larvae eat dead wood and do live inside pieces of wood in buildings. And because you can't see them (they do not make little holes like the woodworm does) and because they can live as larvae for some 5 to 7 years, it may be too late once you spot the adults. Most species however are not dangerous, but live in stems of plants or reet

photograph Agapanthia villosoviridescens
Agapanthia villosoviridescens

Agapanthia villosoviridescens is a beautiful Long Horn Beetle and common in gardens. more...

photograph Wasp Beetle
Wasp Beetle Clytus arietis

The Wasp Beetle immitates a wasp very well indeed. more...

photograph Corymbia rubra male
Red Longhorn Beetle, male Corymbia rubra

The male of the Red Longhorn Beetle is ochrous brown and not red. The neck shield is black. more...

photograph Corymbia rubra female
Red Longhorn Beetle, female Corymbia rubra

The female of the Red Longhorn Beetle is brownish red, including her neck shield. more...

photograph Leptura maculata
Leptura maculata

Leptura maculata is a local species. But when present it may appear in great numbers. more...

photograph Stenurella melanura
Stenurella melanura

In Britain this Stenurella melanura is a local species in England only. more...

photograph Stenopterus rufus
Stenopterus rufus

If Stenopterus rufus is present in Britain is something we haven't been able to figure out. more...

photograph Spruce Shortwing Beetle
Spruce Shortwing Beetle Molorchus minor

The Spruce Shortwing Beetle is a most peculiar Longhorn Beetle. more...

photograph Plumb Beetle
Plumb Beetle Tetrops praeustus

The Plumb Beetle is a small Longhorn Beetle. The larvae often live inside the twigs of plumb trees. more...

photograph Grammoptera ruficornis
Grammoptera ruficornis

Grammoptera ruficornis is the most common Longhorn Beetle in Britain and Ireland. more...

photograph Arhopalus rusticus
Arhopalus rusticus

Arhopalus rusticus is a rather big species. more...

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