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Mites and ticks (Acarina)

Mites are closely related to spiders. They also have 8 legs. They differ from spiders in one respect: they crawl out of their eggs with six legs only. Only after the first skinning the fourth pair of legs appear. Spiders are born with all eight legs. Besides mites are small, almost invisible to the naked eye. Many species are parasites to all kind of animals: from man to insects. Others are parasites to plants. Plants react to their presence by producing a gall.

Some mites are very small animals that hunt for insects mainly, such as plant lice. These small red animals are probably the best known mites known to most people. Often considered to be small young spiders.

Ticks are specialized mites sucking blood. Some species also attack humans. Ticks can be extremely dangerous, for they carry diseases, including some very serious ones.

photograph Anystis baccarum
Velvet Mite Anystis baccarum

Red and with soft, short hairs: the Velvet Mite. More...

photograph Ixodes ricinus
Tick Ixodes ricinus

The tick is a very dangerous animal indeed. More...

photograph Mites on a Bumblebee
Mites on a Bumblebee Acarina sp

This Bumblebee suffers from at least four mites. More...

Broom Gall Mite
Broom Gall Mite Aceria genistae

The Broom Gall Mite causes a Witch's broom on Broom. More...

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