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Hook-marked Straw Moth Agapeta hamana

The Hook-marked Straw Moth sometimes leads to confusion. The way the wings are folded and the little snout sometimes make people believe it is a Snout Moth, so a Pyralid. If you look carefully, the antennae are kept under the wings, when the animal is resting. Pyralids always keep their antennae on top of the wings when resting. No, this really is a Tortrix Moth. The animal is yellowish, often more yellow than the one in our picture is. And there are variable brownish red markings on the wings, especially on the lower parts. The wingspan usually is some 15 to 24 mm. It is on the wing from June till the end of August. You may actually see it flying about, for it starts to be active in early dusk. During the day it is easily disturbed. and flies off soon. The larvae live on Thistles mainly. A common species in England and Wales, scattered in Scotland and not found in Ireland.

The English common name of Hook-marked Straw Moth is not widely used.