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Agrypnus murinus

Most click beetles are rather dull, being brownish, greyish or blackish. Most of them are nocturnal animals once adult. Agrypnus murinus is called the "mousegrey click beetle" in Dutch. It is dark grey, but entirely covered in a thick pubescence in all shades of lighter grey. It measures 10 to 17 mm, the typical size of a click beetle from Europe. The larvae are reported to feed underground, concentrating on grass roots, the roots of young oak, worms and larvae of other insects. When appearing in large numbers considered to be a pest in grasslands. I must add that my sources on the internet are contradictory. Some report the larvae as mainly vegetarian, while others state the larvae are exclusively feeding on worms and other insect larvae. The adults are seen in spring, especially in May and June. A common species in Southern Britain and very common in coatal areas. Scarce or very rare elsewhere, but has been found in Scotland. A common species on the continent, especially on sandy soils. It prefers open areas, such as grasslands, clearings in forests, parks and gardens.