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Hybrid Duck Anas platyrhynchos domesticus

The hybrid duck is the result of a crossing between the cultivated duck and the Mallard. Regularly they are bigger than the Mallard, but the colouring always differs from the Mallard's. Should a cultivated duck land in a group of Mallards only, then the effects of the cultivation disappears in 4 to 6 generations. In parks the Hybrid Duck is omnipresent, because it mates with other hybrid ducks and because of the arrival of newly escaped cultivated ducks. In the countryside there are far less Hybrid Ducks than in parks. Often Hybrid Ducks are less shy than Mallards. In other respects there is not much difference in life style between the two. Hybrid Ducks may be more bound to their original area though. Hybrid Ducks also have a longer breeding season.

The brown animal is the female; the colourful one is the male.

Vogelgeluid Vogelgeluid