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Anaspis maculata

Anaspis maculata is a small beetle, belonging to a very small family of beetles, Scraptiidae. The vernacular name of False Flower Beetles has been suggested, but is not accepted by everyone at the moment. The False Flower Beetles are closely related to the Tumbling Flower Beetles. Both families are comprised of small beetles. Anaspis maculata for instance measures some 3 to 4 mm only. Not all Anaspis species are easily identified, for there are many similar species. Luckily Anaspis maculata is quite unique. The lightbrown, or yellowish brown shields clearly show three darker patches. The patches are always there, but not always at the exact same spot. This is a spring time species, for adult Anaspis maculata are seen from April to the end of May chiefly. The adults feed on nectar which they take from flowers, but they nibble on leaves as well. The larvae are known to feed on dead wood, dead twigs mainly.

According to some the genus Anaspis belongs to the family of Tumbling Flower Beetles (Mordellidae).