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Buckthorn Roller Ancylis unculana

The ground colour of the Buckthorn Roller is greyish. If it keeps it wings together, you'll see a very dark semicircular blob near the beginning of the wings. Near the top of the wings is a big well bordered chocolate marking. It actually is very similar to Ancylis badiata, but that species has the marking near the top of the wings less well bordered and of a dark brown colour. Only the lower part of the legs are ringed. The rest of the legs is grey and so are the antennae. Not a very big Tortricid, reaching a wingspan of some 12 to 16 mm.

The caterpillars of the Buckthorn Roller are exclusively found on buckthorn and alder buckthorn.

This is a real summer species, on the wing from mid May to the end of August. The Buckthorn Roller is not attracted to light and is ususally seen resting on top of a leaf during the day. It is a rather uncommon species, only reported from the southern parts of England, with an occasional find in mid England.