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Hadrobregmus denticollis

Not everything is known yet about this Hadrobregmus denticollis. The beetle is dark brown with yellowish spots on the rear of the neck shield. Sometimes these spots melt into one light line. The light spots or line are actually comprised of yellowish hairs. This species measures some 4 to 6 mm. The larvae feed on the wood of various broad-leaved trees. Rarely it is found in constructions of wood such as houses. In autumn the larvae pupate in soft, decaying wood, under loose bark or in the wood pulp on the bottom of a hole in the tree or in hollow trees. The adults of Hadrobregmus denticollis appear in spring and are seen till the end of July. This is a widespread species in the low lands of Western and Central Europe. However it is a rare species everywhere. We are not sure about the status of this species in Britain.

Scientifically this beetle is also known as Anobium denticolle.