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Buzzing Spider Anyphaena accentuata

In Europe this family consists of one species only: the Buzzing Spider. It is named after the buzzing sound the males produce by drumming it's abdomen on a leaf in order to catch the female's attention. Because of the similarities with the Sac Spiders this family is often referred to as Sac Spiders as well. Females lay their eggs in a cocoon and make a small web close by from where they guard the cocoon. Just after laying eggs females are very difficult to identify: their abdomen becomes very small and dark grey with no markings at all. Otherwise this is a species one might identify easily even in the field. Just slightly bigger than the previous species, reaching al length of 4 to 8 mm. Hunts mainly on leaves of trees and bushes. Common in Europe and Britain, except for alluvial places.