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Hopgarden Earwig Apterygida media

Reaching a length of 6 to 10 mm only, the Short-winged Earwig is smaller than the Common Earwig. The front wings are about the same size as those of the Common Earwig, bu there are no hind wings folded below them. Thus the Hopgarden Earwig, as it is also known, can't fly at all. Males and females can be told apart easily by looking at the pincers at the back of the body. Those of the female are almost straight and have no thorn in the middle. The male has its pincers bend and in the middle is a small thorn. Except for frosty periods the Hopgarden Earwig is active all year long. Because of its nocturnal way of living, it is not seen very often. Used to be a very common species in the hopgardens of Kent, but is a rather uncommon species nowadays, found exclusively in woodlands. Native to Britain, but only in the South East. Wide spread in Kent, but also found in Essex and Suffolk.