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Athous haemorrhoidalis

Athous haemorrhoidalis is a very common Click Beetle. It is easily identified because of the brown shields. These have the same colour as old, dried blood, hence the scientific name. The neck shield is relatively big, even for a Click Beetle. It is black or very dark brown. It is covered in light brownish hairs and thus, depending on the light, may look a lighter brown or even greyish. The animal measures some 11 to 16 mm. The adults are seen from May to August. The larvae feed on a lot of plants. It lives underground and eats the roots mainly, sometimes causing grave damage in agriculture. Apparently the larvae also feed on rotting plant material. It takes the larvae two or three years to grow up.

Athous haemorrhoidalis is often seen in gardens, parks and hedges. Not only is it a very common species, it also is active during daylight, where most other Click Beetlees are nocturnal animals. It is fond of sun bathing on big flowers.