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Baccha elongata

Baccha elongata is a small, extremely slender Hover Fly. That is why in Dutch it is called the Flying Pin. The body is club shaped though. The Thorax is metallic green and on the body we see two yellowish spots. The males love to fly and may be in the air for hours on end. Females fly much less and prefer to rest on a leaf or eat nectar from flowers. This species is double-brooded and adults may be seen from April to October, with a rare sighting in November every now and then. Baccha elongata overwinters in the larval stage. The larva eat aphids mainly.

This is a common species all over Britain and Ireland. It prefers shaded places and woodland, where it is not often seen, as it likes to rest in the shade, rather than in sunshine.

Baccha obscuripennis was considered to be a separate species. Nowadays it is considered to be one and the same species: Baccha elongata.