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Small Square-gilled Mayfly Caenis sp

Reaching a length of 3 to 4 mm only the Small Square-gilled Mayfly is a very small insect indeed. Unfortunately there are many species all called Small Square-gilled Mayfly and in most cases it is very hard to find out which species you are actually looking at. This means we have no idea which species is shown on this page. All species live in their own way, so there is not much more we can tell you about this creature.

Even though it is a very small animal, trout and other fish will still eat it, even big ones. This is probably due to the fact that the adult Small Square-gilled Mayfly usually appears in very great numbers and all at the same moment. So this species is used in fly fishing. But the making of such a small fly is an awkward job. And that's why fly fishermen call it the Fisherman's Curse.