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Another regular guest in our garden in winter is the Siskin. It breeds in our low countries in small numbers, for it actually is a bird to be found in pine forests in Northern Europe and Scotland. In winter the birds travels southwards to England and the Benelux. The bird is not very shy, but it moves about a lot. Thus it often is hard to photograph. In all pictures of the species on our pages a male is depicted. The female is darker, with less yellow colouring.

This is a finch that in winter suddenly appears in the garden and just as suddenly disappears again. Still there have only be a few years without them. They behave like all other finches, but can be easily recognized by the black cap. The animal is also known as Eurasian Siskin.

This bird belongs to the family of Finches (Fringillidae). It is in our garden frequently and can be seen in Holland march - september. The bird is 5" and weighs 12 grams. It lives in woodlands and parks mostly. It eats seeds and insects. Compared to the male, the female is greyish green with a grey head. The bird builds a nest in pine trees only somewhere around may. Four, five or six eggs are laid, on which the birds breeds for some 13 days. After being fed the chicks leave the nest after some 14 days.

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