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Cheilosia proxima

Cheilosia proxima is another blackish hover fly and not a very big one indeed. The underside of the body towards the end usually is grey or silvry grey, but it is not easily seen. The legs are yellow and black, or reddish and black, but this too is not easy to observe. Cheilosia proxima is usually only seen when it is feeding. Umbells are preferred. At other times both sexes tend to take a sunbath high up in trees and bushes.

The larvae live inside the roots of various thistles in the Genus Cirsium. The Marsh Thistle is the preferred host plant. The animal can be found along woodland rides and edges. It is very common in England and less common in Wales. In Scotland Cheilosia proxima is much rarer, but regularly reported, even in the north. The adults are on the wing from April to August.