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Green Cicada Cicadella viridis

Most of the cicadas go about unnoticed: they are simply brownish or greenish and well camouflaged. Yet some are very beautiful indeed, but you need to take a closer look. The Green Cicada usually is very fast and hard to observe, but the specimen in the photographs moved slowly. The pictures reveal that it got itself into a spider's web, got loose again, but took with him some of the sticky wires. Thus enabling us to admire the amazing creature it actually is. This is a female Green Cicada, for the males are more blueish, or even blackish. At least we think it most probably is Cicadella viridis, for not long ago a new species was discovered in Scandinavia, which is extremely similar to this one. Cicadella viridis is called the Green Cicada in English, but apparently that is not its official common name.