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Dalopius marginatus

The larvae of the Click Beetles are called wireworms. They can be harmful to grassroots and newly planted seedlings in places that used to be grassy. As they often appear in great numbers gardeners hate them alltogether. Compared to most other insect larvae a wireworm is extremely hard. Even though most wireworms are vegetarians, the wireworm of Dalopius marginatus do hunt for other insects as well. It is not certain the wireworm in the bottom picture really is a Dalopius marginatus, for wireworms are very hard to tell apart. You should consider the picture as a mere example of how a wireworm looks like.

Dalopius marginatus is a common species all over Europe, even though it is not a typical garden species, for it lives in pine woods mainly. It is a rather small click beetle, measuring some 6 to 8 mm only.