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Dichrooscytus rufipennis

The genus Dichrooscytus is comprised of 4 species in Europe. These are all quite similar. The animals are mainly green and have greenish red wings. They all live on pines exclusively and their colouring is good camouflage. Dichrooscytus rufipennis lives on Scots Pine only and is the biggest of the four species, measuring some 6 mm. Females deposit their eggs in autumn, but the eggs do not hatch before spring next year. The larvae can be seen from April, adults appear in June. They would lead a rather obscure life normally, but they are attracted to light. And so they are often among the catches of moth collectors. On Scots Pine the animals suck on flowers and fresh cones. Dichrooscytus rufipennis is a species typical of the moderate zone: uncommon in both Northern and Southern Europe, but very common in Central Europe (including the British Isles), Russia, parts of Asia and Northern America, where they have been imported.