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T-Moth Emmelina monodactyla

the T-Moth is a rather small Plume Moth and sometimes hard to identify. The wingspan is some 18 to 27 mm, but often the moth is making the impression of being smaller. That is because the wings are often rolled up tightly. Well marked animals can best be identified by the markings on the back of the body. Darker animals often appear and their backs may be dark all over. One of the best ways to identify this species is by looking at the spines on the hind legs. There are two of them and one is considerably longer than the other.
The adults may be seen all year round, for the T-Moth overwinters being mature, like so many other plume moths. In spring and in autumn however the numbers increase drastically. The species is very common in urban areas, industrial areas included. It is easily attracted to light and regularly appears indoors.
The caterpillar of the T-Moth is usually seen on bindweeds from May till September. The caterpillar is yellowish green with a broad dark green dorsal line. When the larva is ready to pupate, the dorsal line may turn pinkish or ruby. The caterpillar reaches a length of some 15 mm.
Because it often appears in urban areas, this is one of the most seen Plume Moths. It is very common all over Britain.

The T-Moth is also known as the Morning-glory Plume Moth.