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Eristalinus sepulchralis

For a long time we didn't know the identity of this fly. The way the veins are arranged in the wings did not suggest a hover fly, but the species' wings are very small and we didn't know of a hover fly having such beautiful eyes. Luckily Han Endt identified the animal. In Dutch it is called the Meadow Spotted Eyes, but alas, we did not find a common English name. Remarkable about this hoverfly is the lack of the mentioned 'floating vein'. Be aware identifying this species though. There is a very similar species, also with strikingly marked eyes: Eristalinus aeneus. This species however can only be found right at the coast, or on the banks of some large lakes. It has a vast territory: it can be found not only in Europe and Asia, but in Japan and Northern America as well!