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Cabbage Bug Eurydema oleracea

One of the most dreaded shield bugs by farmers is the Cabbage Bug, also known as Brassica Bug. Especially when appearing in great numbers it may be very harmful to cabbage plants. It is one of the many white or red spotted black bugs. Characteristic are the white spot at the neck shield and the three white spots on the back. Two of these are on the wings, the third sits at the end of the scutellum, but together the spots are in one neat line. By the way: these spots may be red as well, but we haven't seen a red-spotted one in our garden yet. The Cabbage Bug eats almost everything. It loves to stick its snout into a plant, but will eat other insects as well and even other Cabbage Bugs are on his menue. It is a small species, reaching some 5 to 8 mm only. A very common species all over Europe, including all of the British Isles.