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Golden-tabbed Robber Fly Eutolmus rufibarbis

Below to the right yet another, but rather similar species. The areal of this species is enormous. It lives not only in Europe and Turkey, but in Nortern Asia and Japan as well. On the British Isles though it is a very rare and endangered species. Well, my British friends: you can come to my garden and collect a few anytime. Robber Flies are not very afraid of people and therefor often easily photographed. Eutolmus rufibarbis usually attacks big prey: frequently even bigger than they are themselves, like Damsel Flies. Apparently Dragon Flies are a little too fast for it.

The Golden-tabbed Robber Fly can be identified by two main characteristics. It has, like its common name suggests a yellowish, golden bunch of hairs just under the eyes. Mind you, they are not always visible. There are also hairs hanging down from between the eyes. These are usually white, especially in females. Up front the hairs under the eye may be partially or completely invisible. Another characteristic are the wings. They are not colourless or whitish transparent, but slightly brown.