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Pine Ladybird Exochomus quadripustulatus

For quite some time we thought the brownish animal was just one of the variations seen in the Two-spotted Ladybird. But it turned out to be just one of the variations of the Pine Ladybird. It too is quite variable, but usually it can be told apart from variations of the 2-spot by examining the front set of spots. These ordinarily are shaped like (part of) a horse shoe. Commonly the animal is black with two red dots, but the dots, especially the rear ones can be yellow as well. Sometimes one might come across animals that are yellow all over! It is perhaps one of the most spherical of all ladybirds. Reaching some 3 to 5 mm. only it is one of the smaller species too. The Pine Ladybird is very common, but only when pines are around. In many gardens though this species will be very scarce indeed. The larvae especially are very interesting, for not only do they eat aphids, but scale insects as well.

Scientifically the name Brumus quadripustulatus is also used. The scientific name is also written as Exochomus 4-pustulatus.