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Glyphotaelius pellucidus

Glyphotaelius pellucidus is quite a beautifuk animal as well. Knowing the animal's identity is nice, but it doesn't bring a lot, for neither in our books, nor on the internet you'll find a lot about it. Accept for the fact that this species is found in small brooks, ditches and ponds in sandy soils with lots of litter from trees. The larvae build their home from leaf litter. The colour is striking too: so-called old brown with a variable set of whitish patches. It is a fairly common species all over Europe. Well marked adults are not difficult to identify, for they have three black dots in a row near the end of the wings.

In the bottom picture is an animal that went wrong. You may think is didn't succeed in pumping up the wings, or is still doing so. But that is not the case. Butterflies, moths and damsel flies are born with non-functional wings: they have to pump their wings up, before being able to fly. Caddis flies however have functional wings at the very moment they come out of their pupa. And that means in this case something went wrong during pupation.