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Gymnocheta viridis

The Green Parasitic Fly Gymnocheta viridis looks very much like the well known Greenbottle. You can however distinguish the two species when you have a chance to study them closely: the Greenbottle has almost no hairs, while the Green Parasitic Fly has long and stiff hairs. The build divers two. Greenbottles are rather circulair, while Gymnocheta viridis is more elongated. It is extremely variable in size and measures 6 to 13 millimeters. The larvae of Gymnocheta viridis eat the caterpillars of various moths species, chiefly Owlet Moths. And the size of the caterpillar decides how big the fly can become. The larvae of the Greenbottle are scavengers. The adult flies are on the wing in spring: from April till mid-June. In Holland a common species, a fairly common species in England.