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Woolly Plantlouse

This one will cause some confusion. It produces fine, white wax, usually excreted in the shape of wires or cotton balls. Species behaving like this are called woolly plant lice. When found on a plant they do look like mealy lice a lot. These too are covered in fine, white threadlike structures. The two groups however are not closely related. Woolly lice are actual aphids, they are very capable of moving around and once adult they are winged. Mealy lice on the other hand are rather immobile, flat lice, resembling small brown woodlice. They usually clone themselves and winged specimens are extremely rare. They actually don't even look like insects very much and are related to other immobile plant suckers, such as the scales. The species besides, we do not know it's exact identity, is an ordinary aphid. The adults are winged and actually quite beautiful in their fur coat, even though this makes identifying them more complicated. Should you happen to know what species it belongs to, please let us know.