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Bridge Spider Larinioides sericatus

The Bridge Spider is a close relative of the Garden Spider. Even the markings on its back look like a cross, but less pronounced as the Garden Spider's. It is a big species, females often are over 10 mm. The basic colour is grey, and so it is also known as the Grey Cross Spider. This spider loves humans. It's favourite spots are man made constructions near or over water, such as bridges, sluices, culverts, houses etc. Yet sometimes seen far away from water. In Britain this species is scarce. It is scattered all over the British Isles and where you see it, you will usually find groups of them together. As Holland has many man made constructions near water, it is a very common species. Also a common species in certain parts of Southern Canada and the USA, where it is referred to as the Red-waisted Spider.

The former scientific name Larinioides sclopetaria is still used regularly.