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Speckled Bush-cricket Leptophyes punctatissima

Some grasshoppers, like the Long-horned Grasshopper, Speckled Bush-cricket or Katydid develop a long sabre-kind of growth on the back-side. Only the females have this sabre and it is used to deposit the eggs. The larvae of the Bush Cricket look a lot like the females: green, with long horns and lots of dots, but they lack the sword of the females, the brown striping on the back of the males and the (rudimentary) wings. Depending on their age, they are also (a lot) smaller.The adult female is completely green with lots of dots. There is a slight dark line on the back and of course she has the sabre. The adult males have a thick dark line on the back and their legs are partially brown, but they lack the sabre.

In the 3 top pictures is a male. In the 2 following pictures a female and in the lower pictures the larva (nymph).