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Crested Titmouse Lophophanes cristatus

This is perhaps the most attractive of all tits. It is however very hard to observe. In winter it appears rarely and certainly irregularly. But certain winters, not necessarily extremely cold ones, it seems te be a daily guest on my feeding table for a certain amount of time. These pictures, of one sitting in the grass, are rare in itself, because the birds almost never sit down on the ground.

This bird belongs to the family of Titmice or Chickadees (Paridae). It is common in our garden and can be seen in Holland all year round. The bird is 5" and weighs 11 grams. It lives in woodlands mostly. It eats insects, spiders and seeds. The sexes do not differ from one another. It is a bird that builds a nest in holes (mainly in trees), where it lays five to eight eggs. Breeding is quite normal: some 14 days. The young stay in their hole for some three weeks.

This bird is also known by its former scientific name Parus cristatus.

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