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Macrolophus pygmaeus

The adult Macrolophus pygmaeus is some 3.5 mm long and entirely green. In the first stages (there are 5 in total) the nimf is yellowish green, later it is as green as its parents. In one stage however, some red colouring is visible on the back. Macrolophus pygmaeus may be small, it is a ferocious killer. If no pray is to be found, adults may survive by sucking on plants. The menu includes plant lice, whitefly and other small, soft insects.

Because both the nymphs and the adults eat whitefly, this species has been tested as a pest control. Especially the animals preference of whitefly is interesting, as whitefly tends to to be immune for various pesticides. And the animal proofed very succesful indeed! Especially in growing eggplant and tomatoes Macrolophus pygmaeus turned out to be an excellent destroyer of whiteflies, but it will also eat plant lice, thrips and the larvae of the infamous Tomato Leafminer.