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Oak Bush-cricket Meconema thalassinum

The Oak Bush-cricket is a rather small cricket. Not counting the ovipositor and the antennae the length is between 11 and 15 mm only. The animal is entirely green. The males however have a variable yellowish line running on top of the head and body. There are numerous veins in the wings, making them look like the wings of a Lace-wing. The animal mainly hunts for small insects, such as aphids. The males do not stridulate like most other crickets and grasshoppers. In the evening they softly drum on a leaf to attrack the females. In the USA the animal is known as the Drumming katydid. It mainly lives in trees and high growing shrubs.

A very common species in most of Europe. Very common in England and Southern Wales. Extremely rare in Scotland. In Ireland found in scattered areas only. Has been introduced in the USA. There it is slowly spreading from Rhode Island.