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Goldenrod Crab Spider Misumena vatia

The Goldenrod Crab Spider species that comes in two colours mainly: white and yellow. In Dutch it is called the Chameleon Crab Spider, for it can change its colours. The animals actually are white, but they can lower their white pigment. Then the yellow pigment shows. As long as they are on white flowers like daisies they simply remain white. But by the end of summer the Goldenrod Crab Spider usually migrates to the yellow Goldenrod. And then it changes its colour to yellow. The first time the animal changes from white to yellow it takes the animal about 10 days. The second time will take some 22 to 25 days, for the animal has to produce yellow pigment first. Changing back to white always takes some 6 days. On some flowers, like Lillies, the animal may be white, yellowish or bright yellow, but it may develop red lines on the side as well. The adult female is about 10 millimeters, the male rarely ever more than 5 millimeters. The spider can be found in most larger gardens, but it is not as common as the European Garden Spider is.