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Spruce Shortwing Beetle Molorchus minor

One of the most remarkable Longhorns probably is the Spruce Shortwing Beetle. Not only does it have bulky thighs, the shields are very small as well. Each shield has just one white stripe. The abdomen is much longer than the shields are. The wings however have the usual length and cover the naked body. It does look like the Rove Beetles a lot, but these have very short antennae. The Spruce Shortwing Beetle however has the usual longhorn antennae. At first glance the animal also looks like a parasitic wasp. It lacks the typical wasp waist however. It also does look like an earwig, but it lacks the pincers and unlike earwigs, which fold their wings under their little shields, the wings of this beetle are always visible. It is a conifer species and not very common.