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Large Long-horn Nematopogon swammerdamella

The Green Long-horn may have long 'horns', they still are only a fraction of those of the Large Long-horn. Reaching a wingspan of 18 up to 21 mm, this is the biggest Long-horn moth in Britain. This species glistens as do all family members, but is not as striking and colourful as the Green Long-horn is. Both species appear in spring (from April onwards). The caterpillars of both species feed on rotting leaves and live on the ground. The Large Long-horn however prefers the leaves of beeches and oak, the Green Long-horn is less choosy.

The animal in the last picture could also be another Nematopogon species. It is too worn out to be sure. Within the genus Nematopogon a few similar species exist. They can only be told apart by experts on the basis of very subtle differences.