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Nephrotoma analis

Many Tiger Crane Flies species are hard to tell apart. Nephrotoma analis however can be told apart from similar species more easily. Just look at the combination of the following characteristics. On the back of the head is a more or less heart shaped black spot, even though it may be less distinct in some individuals. The lines on the back usually are dull near the end. The stigma, the spot in the wing, is very dark indeed (pitch black) and the cerci are rounded. Usually it is best to have your pictures being confirmed by an experienced Crane Fly lover.

Males and females differ in length considerably. Males reach a length of 12 tot 15 mm, while females measure 17 to 22 mm. There is less difference in the wing span: usually 27 to 30 mm. Given it's size pupation takes a short time only: after 8 to 12 days only the adult flies appear. The larvae live in damp, moist soils, preferably covered by rotting leaves. Because of this the animals are nearly exclusively found near water. Adults are on the wing from May to September. Nephrotoma analis is a species found in Europe, except for the South, the Caucasus and Western and Northern Russia. In Britain this is a common species.