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Spotted Crane Fly Nephrotoma appendiculata

The Spotted Crane Fly is a very common species all over Britain. The particulars for this species is a very thin yellow line near the leading edge of the wing. Furthermore the stigma (the often colourful spot in the wings of many insects) is light, often greyish. And even though literature mentions this species to be on the wing from April to September, well over 90 % of all spottings in the Netherlands are in May. Measuring 13 to 15 mm, the Spotted Crane Fly reaches a wingspan of up to 50 mm.

The larvae (leatherjackets) are a pest in agriculture and gardens, for they feed on the roots of potatoes, brassicas and other useful plants. The adults hardly eat al all, eventhough they sometimes suck on flowers for some nectar. Adult Spotted Crane Flies are attracted to light and are often found on windows or in porches.