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Neurigona quadrifasciata

This a small fly measuring 4 to 5 millimeters only. It's slender build, the long, thin legs and the striped body do make it look like some mosquito. The eyes and the antennae reveal it actually is a fly. The thorax is brown with a variable black patch. The legs are light and have very short hairs only. The underside of the body is whitish yellow. The upperside of the body is dark-yellow with four rather big black stripes, which are even visible through the wings. The curled end of the body gives it away as being a Long-legged Fly. Neurigona quadrifasciata is not easily identified, for there are some similar species. A very common species in Europe, Northern Asia, and Northern America.

The adults hunt for tiny insects, flies mainly. In order to mate the male approaches the female from behind. He stretches out his long forelegs and shows the female his black feet. Apparently she needs this assurance to let him mate. In the picture you can clearly see the black feet of the front legs.