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Oiceoptoma thoracica

Carrion beetles are the vultures of cool Western Europe, but not all species eat from the remains. Here a very beautiful two-coloured species: Oiceoptoma thoracica. These are able flyers and it is amazing how quickly they discover a dead bird or small mammal. Walking however is a laborious task. After a dead body has been discovered lots of beetles tend to run over it. After some time however a couple will form and they will become predominant, chasing away the others. The animals are not only interested in corpses, but in decaying mushrooms and dung as well. Curiously enough this species does not eat the material itself, but both adults and larvae hunt for larvae of other insects, such as flies, eating from the remains. Both adults and larvae spit out their ugly smelling stomach contents when threatened. The larvae are black and quite similar to wood lice. The scientific name is also spelled Oiceoptoma thoracicum.