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Orthotylus virescens

Orthotylus virescens is a dark green Plant Bug, measuring 4 to 5 mm. Adults are usually found on or near Broom. The genus Orthotylus consists of a number of rather similar green bugs. They are extremely difficult to identify, especially if you do not know the host plant. Two other green species of Orthotylus live on Broom as well and at times it is hard to tell these species apart. Orthotylus virescens is covered in erect dark hairs and the mebrane part of the upper wing is rather dark.

Adults are seen in summer: from the end of June to the beginning of September, peaking however in July. The eggs are deposited on the sides of young shoots. The eggs overwinter and the nymphs appear in May or June. Nymphs mainly suck on the only known host plant: broom, while adults may suck on broom, but will hunt for other insects as well.

Orthotylus virescens is common all over Europe, except for Iceland, where the host plant is found. It has been introduced in the the USA in the 1930's.