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Dark-bodied Glass Snail Oxychilus draparnaudi

There are a number of Glass Snails. In the Oxychilus genus three species are very common indeed. And all three species look very similar. Empty shells are extremely difficult to tell apart. But maybe you are in luck and you see the inhabitant of the house. In case of the Dark-bodied Glass Snail the name tells you all: it has a dark body: very dark blue to greyish black. The foot is of a lighter colour. The transition from the dark back to the lighter foot is smooth. Besides reaching up to 14 or 15 mm in diameter this is the largest of the three species. The Dark-bodied Glass Snail is a hunter primarely. It hunt for young, small Garden Snails and the young of slugs. However sometimes it eats fresh plants as well.

This species is also known as Draparnaud's Glass Snail.