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Buff-tip Phalera bucephala

The Buff-tip is a remarkable moth. When resting the wings are rolled up and thanks to the brown hairy 'face' the animal looks like a broken of twig of a birch. Because of this it is hard to see this is a rather big species, reaching a wingspan of almost 70 mm at times. Is often attracted to light during the night. The Buff-tip is on the wing from May to July. On occasions there are a lot of caterpillars, which live in large groups at first, capable of completely defoliating there beloved food trees: oak, elm and lime. The species is very capable of adapting to changing surroundings due to man's activities, and is frequently found in lanes, parks and gardens. The Buff-tip lives all over Europe and the moderate zones of Asia, including the Far East. Very common in England and Wales and rather common in Ireland and Scotland.