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Phaonia rufiventris

The larvae of the Phaonia flies live in decaying wood. The flies are very common in woodlands, and are usually found on trees. They feed on dung however. Many of these flies have a grey thorax and a reddish or brownish abdomen. In Holland alone there are 24 species. But many species can be told apart from pictures, contrary to the Grey Fleshflies. You need an expert though, for sometimes the differences are very subtle indeed.

The thorax of Phaonia rufiventris is grey on top and orangered below. The abdomen is entirely orangered. Important characteristic is the shield or scutellum, which is completely orange-reddish. In most Phaonia-species it is bi-colored. On the tibia of the middle legs are three thick hairs pointing backwards. The tibia is the longest part of the leg, the middle part, you might say. There is one species almost identical: Phaonia bitincta. It has only two backwards pointing hairs on the tibia of the middle legs. The larvae of Phaonia rufiventris live in decaying wood or leaves, but are also found in big mushrooms such as Boletes.