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Daddy Long Legs Spider Pholcus phalangioides

The Vibrating Spiders are a very small family of spiders. In Western Europe only three spieces can be found. Still this family is also known as Cellar Spiders or Daddy Long Legs Spiders. This shows that this is a very common spider indeed: it can be found in many homes, especially in dark rooms, such as atticks, cellars and bathrooms. You should be careful: the Daddy Long Legs Spider is a real spider and not a Harvestman, even though it has got the same kind of long legs. When the spider is approach it starts to vibrate intensely (actually it is making small circles rapidly). The attacker then looses focus, making an attack very difficult. It is the defense strategy used by all members of the family. The Cellar Spider is a big eater and even attacks the much larger House Spiders and, if possible, its own kind. In two pictures you see a Vibrating Spider carrying a prey. The prey is a much bigger Common Housespider (Tegenaria atrica).