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Psychoda surcoufi

The Moth Flies are very interesting mosquitoes indeed. They do look like tiny moths a lot, buet they are absolutely not. Their wings have lots of hairs, but no scales like those of moths. Furthermore they have only one pair of wings, where moths have two pairs and finally they lack the long tube-like tongue of the moths. They are called flies, but their antennae give them away: they actually belong to the mosquitoes. Usually species from two major genera are seen. The Pericoma-species, the majority of which have dark and well marked wings and the Psychoda species, which usually have whitish, greyish or silvry wings, which are rather unmarked. In English the Moth Flies are also called Owl midges. They are sometimes seen indoors. Usually a drain is broken, or there is standing and polluted water under or near the house in some other way. The insects are harmless, but often unwanted, especially in great numbers.