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Down-looking Fly Rhagio scolopaceus

The Snipe Fly family falls apart in two groups. First of all there are the Down-looker Flies. These are all looking down when resting and they appear mainly in forests and woodlands. Their larvae feed on earth worms, insects and other small animals that live between the leaves on the forest floor. The Down-Looker Flies are the family's biggest representatives and all but one have peculiar spots on the wings.

The mearurements of the Down-looking fly are extremely variable. The smallest are some 7 millimeters, while the giants may measure up to 16 millimeters. The body is quite long and tapered. It is brown with black spots increasing in size towards the end. The last two body segments are completely black. In the wing is a black spot near the upper edge. Some veins are accentuated in black. The top of the wings are grey or darker, sometimes almost black, but never as black as the spot near the wings edge is. The Down-looking Fly is seen in May almost exclusively.

There are several other species in this genus. In Holland alone 10 species are known. The species can be told apart by looking at colour, size and the markings in the wings.