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Rhinophora lepida

The Woodlouse Parasite Flies behave more or less like the Parasitic Flies, but they differ in the way they look and the venation in the wings differs. It is a small family, represented by some 6 species in Britain. The larvae are parasites to woodlouse, but live inside snails or beetles as well. Except for differences in appearance there is also a big difference in behavior. Parasitic Flies lay there eggs on or even in the host. The Woodlouse Parasite Flies just lay their eggs in the vicinity of woodlouse colonies. After hatching, the larva has to find a host all by itself. Rhinophora lepida is very common in gardens and the larvae especially attack the Common Rough Woodlouse. Usually the species is double brooded. The larvae eat their host from the inside, untill just the external skeleton of the victim remains. In it the larva overwinters.