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Spring Harvestman Rilaena triangularis

The Spring Harvestman is similar to some other harvestmen, but usually it is lighter and less contrasting in markings. The places where the legs are attached to the body are greyish white. In most other species these are brownish or blackish. The Spring Harvestman has relatively big eyes. Male and female are quite similar. This species overwinters being nymph and subadult. The first adult animals may appear in March. The last adults are usually seen in July, when the first adults of many other species start appearing. The nymphs can be found all year round. Even though this species is known as a forest species, it often turns up in densely populated areas as well. Even though males and females are very similar in markings and colouring, they differ considerably in size. Males reach a bodily length of 3 to 4.5mm, while the females grow to a length of 6 to 7mm.

The Spring Harvestman rests on walls, fences or tree trunks during the day. Very common all over England and Wales. Common in Scotland, especially near the east coast. Common in Ireland as well. Even lives on Iceland and in Northern Scandinavia. In these cold parts of Europe the adults appear much later (usually around May).