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Segestria senoculata

This spider probably lives in your garden rather than on the walls of your house. But it is very hard to find in the garden, if you succeed at all. It lives in holes and crevices in bark and occasionally on walls, where it is caught by the eye more easily. It's part of a small family, represented in Britain by three species only. Like the family name implies, Six-eyed Spiders do have six eyes only. These are placed on three groups of two eyes each. The members of this family have an elongated abdomen. They make little webs, with which they keep in touch in thei little hole. When a prey stumbles over the wires, the spider quick;ly comes out of its hiding place and attacks. The way they are waiting is quite interesting and characteristic too: The last pair of legs is stretched brackwards, all other pairs are kept in front and are always bent. Males and females are almost identical: the size is roughly the same and so are the markings on the abdomen. The only difference being the male has a shorter and more slender abdomen. Segestria senoculata is quite umnistakable, due to the markings on the abdomen.